If you missed it once, don’t miss it twice! After a sucessful experience, for the second year, the roman based urban lab CityVision and Quasar Design University are joing into an original partnership creating new connections for knowledge and innovation on a common research and experimentation about dynamics of contemporary design. On 2014, specific teaching modules curated by ZO-loft architecture & design and OFL architecture in collaboration with Quasar, will be included within Master’s Degree of Virtual Architecture and Master’s Degree of Industrial Design organized by the Quasar Institute. Teaching... Read The Rest →

ZO_loft interviewed for Bettery Magazine

ZO_loft had been interviewed on homeless shelters for Bettery Magazine. Bettery magazine is a digital magazine with a focus on people, places and concepts that help to improve life in the city. It is published and edited by automotive leader Smart to fuel the urban changes through the innovation and inspiration. The article is now online and you can read it here


ZO_loft tra gli organizzatori e promotori della 27esima edizione del Premio Fibrenus. Dal 12 al 27 ottobre, in collaborazione con Officina delal Cultura e Museo della Media Valle del Liri, tre appuntamenti dedicati all’arte dell’incisione, alla tradizione della carta e all’archeologia industriale. Venerdì 18 ottobre, a partire dalle ore 16,30, presso il Salone del Museo della Media Valle del Liri, si terrà un convegno dal tema “Archeologia industriale: storie di luoghi tracce di uomini”. Protagonista sarà il patrimonio archeologico-industriale del nostro territorio, che verrà affrontato e sviluppato, oltre che dal... Read The Rest →

Vogue Fashion’s Night Out – Manchester

  After London Fashion Week  the travelling TFK pop-up store is now moving to Manchester  in celebration of the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out.  Fashion’s Night Out Manchester will see Vogue partner with designers and retailers in the city to create the most exciting shopping experience of the year involving the city’s chicest shops and brands – from Selfridges and Harvey Nichols to H&M and Mulberry – with the most glamorous party and exclusive events. Designed with modular elements, to create an entirely customizable and reconfigurable space, the TFK pop-up store, will be now placed with its... Read The Rest →

TFK POP-UP STORE | London Fashion Week

  From 12-25 September, in celebration of London Fashion Week, ZO_loft + OFL will present their POP-UP STORE expressly designed for The Fragrance Kitchen (TFK) within the luxury department store Selfridges, London . Fully designed and made in Italy, the project aims to create a deeply customized space emphasizing the exclusive and elegant value of TFK. Logos are used as an international language, as something easy understandable, as a tool to instantly recognize the brand, but also as strong project’s signs rising up a unique architectural space. The shopping experience... Read The Rest →


Charles Darwin, with the book The Origin of Species, published in 1859, introduces the theory on evolution of living beings, definitely putting into question the defended hitherto view of a never changing world. At the base of adaptation and speciation processes (evolutionary process leading to new species), there is the concept of a natural selection that occurs when structural and behavioral changes of a living organism, exposed to a particular environment, are made to a test.  It follows that living organisms that can survive and reproduce to ensure generational replacement,... Read The Rest →


Talking about crafts it might be difficult for a designer: designers always try to deep understand processing and used materials, but since we are not the real “makers of artifacts,” we can not learn the “secrets” that allow an object to be called “done in a workmanlike manner.” The real difference between artisans and designers is almost a loss of a conscious and iterative manual skills, in favor of a more fruitful researching and strategic planning on products. Designers also care about the story of the product, while the artisan... Read The Rest →

Città Adattive – Innovation Cloud

“From PRG to the PRD (Priority Rating Diagram) |  Adaptive City - a new concept of Smart City” is the title of the research project done by ZO_loft for SD4SC – smart design for smart cities, under the scientific supervision of RSE – Research Energy System. The results will be displayed at the INNOVATION CLOUD | May 8 to 10, 2013, in the exhibition Disegnifuturi – MILAN FAIR, PAD. 5 Space D15. Today Smart City is almost a synonymous of environmental sustainability and widespread use of information technology, communication, mobility and... Read The Rest →

ZO_loft interviewed for BEST DESIGN PROJECTS

ZO_loft had been interviewed by Martha O’Hara for BEST DESIGN PROJECTS. The article come up yesterday. As following you can check his questions and our answers. If you want you can also check the original interview on BDP. What are your inspirations? Sometimes creativity is like an enigma, an unknown formula, but it is also a way to show that for each solution we found, there is always a new one waiting to come out. As explained in our studio mission “ZO_loft is following its aims by reinventing or hybridizing functions [...] investigating in... Read The Rest →


Damdi Publishing Co (specializing in architectural design publications) published their new title DIDI – Design Idea Dictionary. ZO_loft is featured with a large selection of projects at various scales, ranging from as small as furniture, installation, and interior to as large as urban and landscape design.  Presented as ten logically organized volumes that aim to both inspire and generate ideas, DIDI contains 624 outstanding projects by 187 teams of world class designers. Including architectural projects of various programs in residential, commercial, and public. There is also a special volume dedicated to lectures, art direction and... Read The Rest →

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