ZO_loft interviewed for El Pais

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ZO_loft had been interviewed by Mikel Iturriaga for El Pais about the Moody tablecloth. The article come up today. As following you can check his questions and our answers.
If you want you can also check the original interview on El Pais.

-How did you come up with the idea of Moody?
We were sitting in a pub dining, and each one of us was taking something from the pocket and putting it down on the table: in a while tablecloth was covered by: 6 mobile, 2 sets of keys and a wallet. First step was easy. While walking you keep things in your pockets, so we simply thought to move pocket from the back of the jeans to the tablecloth to keep using them while sitting around the table. Second step come soon. We were focusing a pop young’s product so we wanted to keep the jeans appereance, so we thought to add some details like zip, loops, etc. and while doing we selected them just trying to give functions to them.

-What kind of people can find it useful?
“Moody” is designed expecially for small spaces and youngs. It follow contamporay life style by flexible usage. If you invite friends and need extending the table, thanks to an easy zip in the middle you can plug the Moody tablecloth with one or more “Pluggy” runner, to extend the tablecloth too and catch the size you need. Moody avoid friends to place their mobiles, key, iPod on the table while dining. But of course it can be used by everyone in ordinary life too. Pockets allows to hold napkins, remote controls and newspapers. Loops helps to hang you keys or to add ribbons to decorate.

-Did you find any inspiration in some tablecloth from the past?
Not really. We simply come across the concept analizing our lifestyle.

-How can people buy Moody? How much does it cost?
Currently you can buy strictly contacting our studio. You just need to send us an email or give a phone call telling number of seats, table mesurament and model you want. Costs depend basically on sizes. For standard dimensions Moody start from 35 euro for 150×150 cm, but we can work different sizes on request. Also by adding Pluggy runners you let the Moody tablecloth to be easily as long as you want. Currently 1 Pluggy costs 25 euro and 4 Pluggy 80 euro. Each Pluggy measure 50×150 cm.

-You also designed the ForKnelt, which I absolutely loved. Did you find any manufacturer or isn’t it available yet?
Unfortunataly it is still unavaialble. We didn’t had any call from manufactures yet. Maybe after this interview some cutlery company in Spain will see it and choose to produce it. We’ll cross our fingers!

-What’s your aim when you design any piece of kitchenware?
We are always investigating in life-style and activities of our fellow human, as also in elaborated objects or spaces, aiming to a flexible architecture or design. Probably our most important strategy is to work on each project, both architecture and design, evaluating processes and variables from different fields. For the ZO_loft studio a good strategy, such as a good design, comes out by “inclusion and interaction” of: social, economic and environmental sustainability; communication; user experience; schedule; technology. In this way, forms, technological solution, details, materials, but also naming, colours, … each part of the project is designed to answer specific questions.


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